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The leaders in indoor & outdoor cinema events!

Ph: 1300 734 014


We utilise inflatable screens to provide the perfect outdoor cinema and fast fold projection screens for indoor.

We have a range of sizes available, including:
Outdoor inflatables:

5m (suitable for up to 300 people)

10m (suitable for 300 - 1500 people)

12m (suitable for 2000+ people)

Indoor fast fold screens:

5m, 7.5m and 10m.


DCI Digital Projection System

We utilise the latest DCI Digital Projection System(s) which include DLP Projectors delivering the highest quality output on screens up to 20m in size and Doremi 2K4 Media Server(s) which plays JPEG2000 and MPE2k MXF media files all to the DCI standard. DCI is the required format from all the major film studios to screen the latest film releases.


E-Cinemas Projection System

We can also utilise our E-Cinema projection systems to screen on our multi-chip high end E-Cinema commercial projectors to run Blu-Ray, DVD and other Hard Drive media files e.g. MOV, MPEG2 & 4 and AVI.


Media Conversion

We have the ability to convert almost all major media file formats as supplied by the client to be upscaled to run to the DCI standard or fit into a seamless media “play list” that ensures the best possible on-screen presentation standards. Conversion of existing corporate video, YouTube and television commercials are our speciality.



We use weather proof commercial grade audio speakers to deliver the cinema sound experience as close to a normal cinema.

Subject to your venue we can arrange our speaker system(s) in such a way to cater for boutique, through to large, festival type events.

Networking multiple speakers and using our mixing desk ensures we have appropriate delays and can modify our audio performance specific to your site venue.

Radio Microphone

If required we can provide use of a radio microphone which can enable public announcements from anywhere within the screening field area at your event.



Depending on the nature of your event, in most cases Twilight Cinemas can setup in 1 to 2hrs and pack up within an hour. Subject to your requirements we can also assist you in terms of site barriers, fencing, and directional signage as may be required.

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